Much Ado About Food

I will admit that I have lots of relatively obscure cookbooks. Many are in my collection simply because of where I lived as a child.

For instance, Much Ado About Food is the excellent and little-known cookbook that was published to benefit The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. I’ll bet most people have never heard of it.

Much Ado About Food: A Guthrie Theater Cookbook

But it’s an excellent book with unusual recipes and fun captions taken from Shakespeare.

The book was printed in 1978. The chapters include such gems as “A Midsummer Night’s Scheme,” “Taming of the Brew,” and “All’s Well That Ends Well.” The recipes range from Ramos Fizz (an alcoholic drink made with orange flower water, gin, and cream) and Gougere to Braised Oxtails and Trittini (a ground beef and spinach casserole). These are unusual ingredients for a midwestern cookbook printed in the 1970s!

The chapter “The Cherry Orchard” is my favorite, since it is made up of recipes for “posh picnics.” The Pita Pockets, Keeper Coleslaw, and Herbed Chicken Drumsticks are all excellent.

Chocolate Layered Pound CakeMore good recipes for Peppermint Fudgefingers, Dobosch Torte, and Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake are simply divine. In fact, I have made Dobosch Torte my own, by using a different chocolate filling with pound cake; I call it Chocolate Layered Pound Cake. It’s a fabulous dessert and so simple.

I often read this cookbook just to enjoy and think about the recipes. There are no pictures, just charming line drawings. Give the book a try! You’ll love it too.


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